Therapeutic Postulates

Core postulates of Rabindrik psychotherapy
By Dr Debdulal Dutta Roy

‌1. Consciousness is free floating
‌2. It is unbound.
‌3. Do not label rather understand other's consciousness.
‌4. Consciousness is composed of three layers Murta, Raga and Saraswat.
‌5. Experience of Consciousness is like a journey from incomplete to complete across three layers.
‌6. Man is pursuer of newness.
‌7.Man is pursuer of completeness.
‌8. Searching newness makes man incomplete that acts as the driver to find out completeness.
‌9. Incomplete to complete is a cyclic process.
‌10. Image characteristics change across layers of consciousness.
‌11. Man has power to customise environment for change in consciousness layers.
‌12. Incoming images  are changed when it came out from saraswat layer.
‌13. Murta image has structure but no affect or emotion.
‌14. Raga layer based image is affected by emotion.
‌15. Saraswat image indicates harmony of object and environment.
‌16. Incoming image creates buoyant forces.
‌17. There will not  be any stigma in therapy.
How does Rabindrik Drawing therapy reduce depression?

1. There is no Doctor-patient relationship. So there are no stigma,  no taboos. Client analyzes self and finds self help solution.
2. In RDT, client is free to draw so all inhibitions calm down.
3. RDT is concerned with cognitive structuring and restructuring so it acts as CBT. Drawing will calm the body, reduce blood pressure, and even release chemicals in the brain that decrease illness-related depression.
4. RDT is based on Positive Psychology. So it improves one's outlook and mood, but most importantly, it helps us to communicate our experiences of illness, trauma, grief, and loss.